Getting Started with Social Media

· Saturday, July 25, 2015

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

· City of Ontario Library 215 East C Street, Ontario, CA (map)

Figuring out what social media accounts are needed to effectively promote your writing can be mind-boggling in a rapidly changing online world. Join us on July 25 as social media consultant and writer Corinne Litchfield talks about the questions that will help you plan your social media strategy, the facts and fallacies that can impact your decision-making process, and the most important thing to remember about social media.

About the Presenter: 

Corinne Litchfield is a social media consultant and manager who works with authors, nonprofits and small businesses to create and maintain websites and social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She applies her experience as a publicist and journalist to coach clients on best practices in self-promotion and content creation. In addition to social media consulting, Litchfield is also the founder and editor in chief of Paper Bag Writers (, an online literary project focused on curating fiction, nonfiction and poetry written on brown paper lunch bags. She is a contributing editor to Sacramento Magazine, has published short fiction and poetry, and is currently revising her first novel.

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